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Ahoy Ye mateys!

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2023! I'm stoked! It's gonna be a great year. Lots of planning to do, starting on Thursday, January 5th at the general membership meeting. If you have any aspirations of planning a party this year, you should be here for the meeting. You should be here anyway.

As planned, we will be closing the clubhouse to non-members during the month of February for building repairs. Our grand re-opening will be March 17th for all you shamrocks and shamrock wannabes. We will form a committee with a chair to run the event at the meeting on Thursday. After the building repairs are completed, we will start working on the pier, with the docks to follow.

Sheryl Lunsford has agreed to step in as director where our beloved Michael Levin left off. The board voted unanimously on this. We're still hunting for a new treasurer and hopefully someone will step up soon.

I look forward to seeing you all Thursday night at the meeting. Mia is cooking, yay!


    SECRETARY Karlyn Good
    ACTIVITIES Rear Commodore, Mia Bernt
    AUXILIARY Mary Sullivan
    BAR Vice Commodore, Greg Yu
    BUILDING Jim Meenaghan & Paul Kerrigan
    CHIT COLLECTOR Emily Boyles
    CLOTHING SALES Kathy Collins
    DECK REPAIR Jerry McNulty, PC
    DREDGING Dave Sullivan, PC
    GALLEY Mia Bernt, PC/Dave Pedroli, PC
    PICYA Mia Bernt, PC/Dave Pedroli, PC
    PORT CAPTAIN Jimmy O’Hagen & Jerry McNulty, PC
    SEA BREEZE Sheryl Lunsford
    SUNSHINE Stephanie Thomson
    WEBSITE Sheryl Lunsford

    General Meeting

    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

    DINNER $10

    Main Course: TRI-TIP
    RSVP Watch Captain:
    Meeting ID: 878 0744 1307
    Passcode: 082806
    HAPPY HOUR 6:00 – 9:00 PM ~ Every Friday Night
    This sign up sheet is working out really well to get bar shift coverage and to RSVP for events.
    Just one more way to keep us on top of things!


    “for the good of the club”
    Ernie Bergman
    Auxiliary President
    Mary Sullivan passing the gavel to 2023 auxiliary president, Ernie Bergman
    mary ernie
    The San Rafael Yacht Club Auxiliary, an organization created “For the Good of the Club” has a new and first-time President. Ernie Bergman, a member of SRYC since 2011, has been chosen by Auxiliary members to lead the organization as their President in 2023.

    Ernie is a longtime resident of Marin County, having been born in San Francisco and grew up in Mill Valley. Over the last 30 plus years Ernie has made his home in San Rafael. After graduating from Tamalpais High, Ernie joined the US Navy and spent approximately 32 months of his 4-year enlistment in Southeast Asia (Vietnam) specializing in general and celestial navigation. When he returned, he attended College of Marin and San Francisco State earning his degree in Business Administration. He also continued work toward an MBA.

    Ernie spent the next 42 years in the financial services industry holding various positions including retail stockbroker, senior instructor for Dean Witter, retirement planning specialist, as a wholesaler of Alternative Investments, and as a National Sales Manager for several financial/investment companies, always home-based in Marin County or San Francisco. He has held the professional designation of Certified Financial Planner (CFP) since 1992.

    For many years Ernie sailed on the Bay on a bird-class sloop and later motored his Sea Ray runabout around the Bay and up to the Delta. Since joining SRYC Ernie has been a very active contributor to the Club. Now retired, Ernie also continues to devote much of his time to the California State Vietnam Veteran’s Council and the Marin County United Veteran’s Council, holding positions with those organizations for over a decade. Over the last few years Ernie took on the task of raising money from Bay Area veteran chapters for the PICYA’s Wheelchair Regatta, held annually at the Encinal Yacht Club.

    The SRYCA welcomes Ernie to his new position at their first meeting, Friday, January 13, at 6:00pm. Betsy Burns is our new Vice President, Kathy Collins remains Secretary and Ellen Vick continues as Treasurer. Auxiliary members are encouraged to attend the monthly meetings where their input is crucial to creating fun events and deciding on the annual gift to the SRYC “For the Good of the Club.” As always SRYC members are encouraged to join the auxiliary and volunteer their talents and energy to the fund-raising events sponsored by the Auxiliary.

    Written by Secretary, Kathy Collins
    The Auxiliary is open to all members and their significant others. Traditionally the Auxiliary leans towards family related activities. We organize Christmas parties, theme dinners (i.e., Italian nights, Cook Your Own Steak nights, Karaoke evenings) and many other fun-filled events. The goal is always to provide enjoyment and opportunities for fund raising.

    Dues are only $20/year and are payable to SRYCA. Just place your application and dues in the office mail slot.


    Reported by Sheryl Lunsford from "C Dragon"
    WE GOT DREDGE! At least up to Lowrie Yacht Harbor anyway. The Becky T was first spotted December 30th behind Vickie Anne, Marty and Stephanie Thomson's boat. Here are views from the stern of the C Dragon.
    Things got very exciting when the dredge got up close and personal with the C Dragon. So much so they offered to move my boat to allow safe passage. Ultimately, they decided to work around and dredged within a few short feet of me!
    Watching that huge bucket swing around and scooping up the bottom is like a ballet. I took a lot of photos and videos to commemorate the event if anyone is interested.
    On Monday, there was a change of dredges from the Becky T to the Sea W, appearing side by side. Stay tuned for more action as they move up the creek to the turning basin!
    I'm not particularly interested in moving while it is raining CATS and dogs, no pun intended. But we will have to soon they say!

    Dredging Project Updates for Dec. 30 2022:

    • The contractor resumed dredging in the federal channel (middle 60-foot width) on December 28.
    • Operations have proceeded to just outside the Lowrie Yacht Harbor
    • The contractor has added two additional haul scows and a second dredge to transfer sediments to a larger scow at the mouth of the Creek to increase the dredging rate.
    • The contractor has received authorization from the City and the Army Corps of Engineers to expand hours of operation to 10:00 PM.
    • The contractor will likely reach the portion of the federal channel adjacent to the non-federal portion of the project (docks offshore of Mooring Road on the north side of the Creek and the Sabriski Cove townhome docks on the south side) over the next couple of days. However dredging at private docks will not begin until January 6 at the earliest because the City will not receive approval from the regulatory agencies to extend the work window into January until that time.
    • The contractor anticipates that all dredging will not be completed until late January or February.
    • Dock owners in the portion of the Creek upstream from 60 Mooring Road that are participating in the dredging project should plan on moving any moored boats from January 6 through February 28 possible. If storing boats elsewhere during this entire timeframe is not possible, please be prepared to move your boats for a shorter period of time as the contractor approaches your property.
    • Dock owners at 60 Mooring Road and downstream from Lowrie Yacht Harbor should be prepared to relocate boats between January 20 and February 28.
    • Next update to be provided on January 4.


    by John Bentley

    As a boy I have played with loops, jumped through a loop, tried to put a ball through a loop, ran around loops, and what about doing loop de loops on a yo-yo? As I grew older I found myself in the loop, but mostly out of the loop, and at times I might have been a bit loopy. But now my wife, Ann and I are boating on the "Great American Loop." This is a very popular waterway with east coast boaters but is not very well know to the west coast boating community. I feel it should be and that is why I am writing this article.

    “America's Great Loop”

    I think this "loop" is best described by Skipper Bob, writing in his Cruising America's Great Loop boating guide. There are numerous books, guides, clubs and people that are very helpful in making this boating adventure possible for nearly all boaters, and their boats. To mention a few: Skipper Bob has numerous guides for most sections of the Loop. Dozier's Waterway Guides are a must for doing the Loop. I have joined two boating clubs that offer outstanding help and information for this adventure. They are America's Great Loop Cruisers' Association and Marine Trawler Owners Association. Both of these clubs have very informative web pages and a daily forum for their members.

    I understand that we are not the only San Rafael Yacht Club boat on this Loop. I have been told that we could have been within a hundred miles of one of our former Commodores and his wife on their boat. Perhaps we will catch up with them when we return to our boat this summer. At present we have wintered our boat "Recess" (a 34' Albin Trawler) in Brewerton, New York. (see star on map)

    If you are interested in reading more about our adventures on the Great American Loop, let us know of your interest. We hope that the new year brings you much joy!

    John & Ann Bentley


    “Spill the beans”

    Origin: This one’s a bit tricky, as there is no clear-cut answer. The consensus is, however, that this is most likely derived from an ancient Greek voting process, which involved beans. People would vote by placing one of two colored beans in a vase, white typically meaning yes and black or brown meaning no. This meant that should someone spill the beans, the secret results of the election would be revealed before intended. Hence, spilling the beans is related to revealing secret information.


    Kathy is asking for some feedback on merchandise orders. Who wants a fuzzy blanket throw with our burgee, women’s blouse, sweatshirt, t-shirt, men’s sweatshirt, t-shirt, fishing shirt, kids t-shirt, truck hat, jacket or vest? Or something different with our burgee logo?

    Orders come in limited quantities and arrive in most cases in days not weeks away.
    Email: Kathy Collins
    As expected, December was a busy month for holiday events. There is a new Christmas Tree Murder, et al. photo album in the gallery. Here is a sneak peak with Ellen Vick, Betsy Burns and Chris Cochrane.
    Be sure to check for new photos periodically and send your club pics to Sheryl by text: 805.231.1799 or email: Sheryl Lunsford.


    Happy New Year everyone! I hope you have all enjoyed reading the Sea Breeze during 2022. I am always looking to add new things to the Sea Breeze and website. If you have any suggestions, please pass them onto me.
    My current wishlist of new content for 2023:
    1. Newsletter Signup Popup & Footer √
    2. Clothing Rack Ordering Page
    3. Member Orientation & Monthly Tips


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