February 2024 Edition

News, Views and Happenings from "Up the Creek"

Ahoy Members,

It's been another busy month as usual. Thanks to Mia for being January's Watch Captain leading a successful month of events, starting with a delicious meatloaf dinner for the membership meeting. Mia received a very thoughtful thank you letter from a renter for making their wedding celebration extra special from start to finish, including securing the use my boat for the couple to make their entrance, when others fell through. They were very appreciative of our team efforts. Well done Mia.

There were two celebrations of life in January, one being for club member, Dave Howe, whose wife Delila passed away. Our hearts go out to Dave for his loss after so many happy years together with Delila.

A big thank you to David Sullivan for spearheading Red Cross training at the last board meeting. Twelve members received training on CPR and how to use the automated external defibrillator (AED). Thanks to all who attended.
Unfortunately, the Board did not have time to reassign the 2024 Watch Teams. We will attempt to do so at the next Board meeting. If you would like to be assigned to two certain months of the year or be on a particular team, let us know by emailing infosryc@gmail.com.

At the February 1st membership meeting, we inducted new members Michelle & JR Spinosa and introduced two prospective members Joe Kelly and Gary Hill. Be at the next membership meeting to give them all a big SRYC welcome.

Being that the 49ers won the NFL national championship (after rallying from 17 points down to beat the Lions 34-31) they are going to Super Bowl! So you know what that means. There's going to be a party and Chili Cook-off. Let Mia know if you will be a contestant and everybody, get ready to eat!
On a side note: Mia presented me with a $100 Il Davide gift certificate for placing 1st in the Lighted Boat Parade. Thank you Mia!

See you all at the club,

A message from the Assistant Treasurer &

Roster Chair on Unpaid Dues

Annual SRYC membership dues are to be paid by December 1st of each year. The allowable grace period ended December 31st. Nonetheless, the grace period to pay your dues has been extended to February 15th, 2024. By then, the Club will assume that you have chosen NOT to renew your membership and you will be deleted from our current SRYC roster and your key fob will be deactivated.

If you have chosen not to renew, please return your key fob in an envelope addressed to 200 Yacht Club Drive, San Rafael CA 94901. A stamped self-addressed envelope was also included in your dues letter.

Thank you,
Doug Taylor, Assistant Treasurer; Ellen Vick, Roster Chair
To lawfully work behind the bar, you must become RBS certified with ABC:
  1. Register an account to get an ID number.
  2. Take training from an authorized RBS Training Provider.
  3. Pass the ABC Alcohol Server Certification Exam within 30 days.
  4. File your certificate or number with the club office manager.
I want to thank those that were on my Watch Team that helped this last month with events. I know it is difficult for many, but I really appreciate those that did help. Especially new member Kris Ringrose, John Bentley, Paul Bentzen, Ernie Bergman, Cathrin Bernt, Betsy Burns, Kathy Collins, The Sullivans, Rosie Wendell and others. The Moore’s have helped with the laundering of the linens which is a HUGE help for me until we get the washing machines hooked up.
(Mia cont) I am happy that my neighbors, Joe Kelly, and Ingrid Sommer are wanting to join our club. They have two daughters Anya and Lauren and I think they will be a great addition to our membership.
This year, invite your friends, family and bring prospective members to our Friday Happy Hour and our monthly events! Reach out to me if you want to help with planning. We can always use more ideas, and definitely more help. This is a volunteer club and we all need to be involved in one way or another.

Upcoming events that will need your help:
  • February 11 Super Bowl 3-8pm: Make sure you come down to the club and enjoy the Super Bowl and Chili Cook-off.
  • February 17 Crab Feed 6-10pm: Commodore Jerry and Paul K. will be steaming crab again. The Crab Feed is one of our great fundraisers and hopefully it will help to get the back patio deck finished this year.
  • March 16 St. Patrick’s Day 5-9pm: A party will be happening and Mary Sullivan has arranged for the Irish Dancers again.
  • April 20 Tim Parker 1-5pm: There will be a Celebration of Life for Tim Parker.
  • April 20 Western Night 6-10pm: A Western Night with dancing to the Road Runners.
ACTIVITIES Rear Commodore, Mia Bernt PC
AUXILIARY Ernie Bergman
BAR Vice Commodore, Greg Yu
BUILDING Jim Meenaghan & Paul Kerrigan
DREDGING Dave Sullivan PC
GALLEY Mia Bernt PC & Dave Pedroli PC
MEMBERSHIP Sheryl Lunsford
PICYA Mia Bernt PC & David Sullivan PC
PORT CAPTAIN Jimmy O’Hagen & Jerry McNulty PC
SEA BREEZE Sheryl Lunsford
SUNSHINE Stephanie Thomson
WEBSITE Sheryl Lunsford


Email: Sheryl Lunsford Text: 805.231.1799

Events at SRYC are always FUN and it's a great way to get to know each other.
Find your name on the list below.
  • Membership Meeting Dinners
  • Friday Night Happy Hours
  • Club Events & Clubhouse Rentals
  • Work Parties
  • Cooking
  • Bartending
  • Setup
  • Cleanup

WATCH TEAMS (subject to change soon)


[First Thursdays of the Month]

Meeting ID: 878 0744 1307
Passcode: 082806
6:00 PM

INDUCTED: Michelle & RJ Spinosa

  • Joe Kelly: 1986 Catalina 26 Sail
  • Gary Hill: 1965 & 1976 Pearson 27 & 32 Sail

  • Lasagna
  • Baked Eggplant
  • Asparagus & Mushrooms
  • Ice Cream Sundaes
  • February 11th: Super Bowl & Chili Cook-off
  • February 17th: Crab Feed
  • March 16th: St. Patrick's Day
  • April 20th: Western Night
HAPPY HOUR 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Every Friday Night


William Timothy Parker

9/16/1943 – 1/13/2024

Celebration of Tim's Life Well Lived
April 20th @ 1pm
San Rafael Yacht Club

A few Remembrances
by John Moore
Prior to Tim going into the diving business, he was a California State Park Ranger working first at Bodega Bay, then moving onto Angel Island and lastly Mt. Tam State Park. During his ranger days he also was involved in being an abalone diver. After working and enjoying the ranger life he made the decision to become a professional diver. As most people that are starting out in the diving business they begin with cleaning of boat bottoms, changing zincs, changing props, etc. He progressed into the salvage business which is now called Parker Diving.

I went into the Marine Engineering business in 1962 and by 1966 our shop was established behind the Montecito Shopping Center. We had built a 28’ work boat named the Alert with a powerful engine and salvage and fire pumps. As I became acquainted with Tim, we found our 2 businesses complimented one another. We became good friends and began to work together often.

As time went by Parker evolved in salvage technology and gained experience in his salvage technique. Through all of this development he gained many valuable contacts with Marine surveyors, Marine Insurance contacts and Coast Guard contacts. Needless to say, Tim Parker had become a well-known figurehead in all Northern California.

Tim's Christmas parties for his contingents were legendary. The earlier in-the-day parties were known for serving abalone. Later on, they were a Seafood fest of crab meat, prawns, sea food salads, clam chowder and unlimited refreshment. Tim enjoyed being a generous host for all of his many, many friends.

In the late 70’s we together purchased a 56’ landing craft later known as the Allied Mariner. It was rebuilt and adapted for Towing, Salvage and contractor support. I later purchased Tim's share of Allied Mariner and completed the Coast Guard certification process after which Parker Diving and Allied Marine shared much business together. Around the year 2000, Tim repurchased the Allied Mariner for Parker Diving, where I continued to be his operator and shared many adventures. We spent together many long hours of hard work, camaraderie and good friendship.

Tim was the hardest working and most generous person that I have ever known. He is missed by many!!!

“for the good of the club”

2nd Friday of the Month
Ernie Bergman
Auxiliary President
2023 certainly was a year where flexibility was called for, but we got through it and had some really fun and successful events including a “Cook Your Own Steak” night, a GREAT Fourth of July bar-b-q, and an “Italian Night” that had no equal. We were also able to honor our veteran members on Veteran’s Day with their Italian Night dinners on the house.

Our 2023 annual gift to the Club was agreed upon and voted for. With the efforts of the “Pauls” (Bentzen and Kerrigan) the new Club signs for the entrance to the Club, the docks, and the front gate have been approved, created, and are in the process of being installed as we speak. The entrance sign also has new wiring and lighting to make sure any visitor to the Club knows they’ve arrived at the right place.

At our annual installation luncheon, the Auxiliary members voted that the existing BOD didn’t mess up too much and decided to keep us around for another year. We’re looking forward to a VERY full and fun-filled 2024.

If you haven’t already, please think about joining us so you can provide all your greats ideas going forward. -Ernie
The Auxiliary is open to all members and their significant others. Traditionally the Auxiliary leans towards family related activities. We organize Christmas parties, theme dinners i.e. Italian nights, Cook Your Own Steak nights, Karaoke evenings and many other fun-filled events. The goal is always to provide enjoyment and opportunities for fund raising.
Dues are only $20/year payable to SRYCA.
Just place your application and dues in the office mail slot.


by Paul Kerrigan, Director

New signs have been installed at the front gate and at the front entrance to the club. However, due to bad weather, some of the building projects are still pending such as dock repairs and installation of the lighted front gate sign. I would really hope to rap this up soon.

Some other projects coming up soon will be the hook up of the washer and dryer in the women's restroom. More research into this will be needed for the power, water and venting. Also there will be improvements made to the galley with new storage and a major cleaning.

Thank you to all who attended the Red Cross CPR class at the club.

  • The Columbia Employee Stores operate as private retail outlets for Columbia employees and invited Bay Area organizations.
  • San Rafael Yacht Club offer is valid February 2nd - February 25th!
  • Valid at both Richmond and the new Union City stores (in-store only).
  • Stores are stocked with current season brands from– Columbia, Mountain Hardwear, SOREL and prAna – items marked 40 – 60% below retail prices.
  • Provide this invite (printed or shown on your mobile device) + Club Membership Card for exclusive entry.
  • Invitees can bring up to four additional guests with each visit!
Follow the links in the Online Ship's Store for product descriptions, colors and sizes for men, women and children's clothing and other items for home.

Clothing in the club's Display Case has items available for direct purchase payable at the bar.



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