September 2022 Edition


September 2022

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Ahoy Members!

Hang out at the bar and have a bitchin' dinner tonight at the membership meeting. Catch up on important issues affecting the yacht club and meet potential new members being introduced. The more the merrier they say. Contact Mia to RSVP.

I want to thank Director Michael Levin and his watch team, including everyone else that did a great job around the club in August. I'm looking forward to what Director Tom Schmidt's watch team has in store for September.

The Club Roster has been updated as of August 6th. Many thanks to Ellen Vick. It is on our website for registered Members Only.

Are you interested in having a Labor Day Weekend party on Saturday with brisket and all the fixin's? Let me know ASAP!


    SECRETARY Karlyn Good
    TREASURER Jody Berces
    ACTIVITIES Rear Commodore
    AUXILIARY Mary Sullivan
    BAR Vice Commodore
    BUILDING Brian Swayne, PC & Jim Meenaghan
    CHIT COLLECTOR Emily Boyles
    CLOTHING SALES Kathy Collins
    DECK REPAIR Jerry McNulty, PC
    DREDGING Dave Sullivan, PC
    GALLEY Mia Bernt, PC & Dave Pedroli
    PICYA Mia Bernt, PC & David Sullivan, PC
    SEA BREEZE Sheryl Lunsford
    SUNSHINE Stephanie Thomson
    WEBSITE Sheryl Lunsford

    Watch Teams

    As a member, you are responsible for two months duty out of the year. Responsibilities include tending bar, cooking and serving meals, cleaning up after events and other duties.

    Contact your assigned Watch Captain.

    General Meetings

    First Thursdays

    6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
    Dinner: Mia, Dave, and Tom Schmidt's Team
    RSVP: Mia Bernt
    New Members Introduction:
    • Richard Goebel, 45' Hatteras
    • Thomas Madsen, Toyota Marin
    Meeting ID: 878 0744 1307
    Passcode: 082806

    Nomination of Flag Officers & Board of Directors

    Believing that their Covid recovery work has not been completed, the current Board and Flag have agreed to continue for another year!

    According to article IX of the San Rafael Yacht Club Bylaws: The nominating committee for the San Rafael calendar year 2022/2023 present the following members for flag and board:
    Flag Officers:
    • Commodore: Jerry McNulty
    • Vice Commodore: Greg Yu
    • Rear Commodore: Mia Bernt
    Board of Directors:
    • Michael Levin
    • Bill Walsh
    • Tom Schmidt
    Note: Article 9.4 SRYC Bylaws;
    Additional nominations may be made by petition of ten (10) regular members, provided such petition is filed with the Secretary of the Club no later than September 6, 2022.
    Respectfully submitted,
    David Pedroli, Staff Commodore
    John Moore,ommittee member
    Erik Ratliff, committee member
    J.E.B. Pickett, committee member
    Members are Encouraged to Become Active and Join the Flag or Board

    Upcoming Events

    Every Friday Night 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

    Eight Bells

    maritime bell
    • David Horton, 1985 Past Commodore, passed away from cancer of the esophagus.
    • Alicia Colombard passed away August 12th after a complication from surgery. We will let you know when we hear more about a service.
    • Brendan Ankers passed away August 15th.


    Mary Sullivan
    Auxiliary President
    The Auxiliary members took a little break during the summer, as we do every year, but we’ve already scheduled three events to end 2022.
    • Oktoberfest Dinner is scheduled for Saturday, October 1st. We’ll be serving authentic German food and welcome all members and friends to attend. More details will be provided in the future.
    • Officers Installation Luncheon is scheduled for Saturday, November 19th. This is a yearly event when all Auxiliary members have lunch in a restaurant and welcome past, present and new officers. Partners and SRYC officers are always invited. We will provide more information on this luncheon in October.
    • The Auxiliary Christmas Party is always a fun way to end the year. As usual, it will include a huge amount of food and an “interesting” method to exchange gifts. We’ll try and cut down the amount of time for the gift exchange this year! Date will be available soon.
    Last year the Auxiliary purchased two heater lamps for the deck. We also included 4 filled tanks and will fill the 4 once more. After we fill the tanks this time, we’ll leave it up to the yacht club to take over. Hope you enjoy them when the weather gets colder!
    We have a few new members that I’d like to share with you. Some of these members have been with us for several months but I’d like to recognize everyone who joined recently. A warm welcome to all.
    • Toska Fryer
    • Claudia Holko
    • Renate Klahr-Butter
    • Kimberley McClure
    A very sad ending to this article is to convey our deepest condolences to the family of Alicia Colombard. Jean-Marie and Alicia have been SRYC members for several years and Alicia immediately joined the Auxiliary. She was a very active member, and we always enjoyed her positive attitude and her willingness to volunteer. She was friendly to all and easy to talk to. She will be greatly missed.

    The Auxiliary is open to all members and their significant others. Traditionally the Auxiliary leans towards family related activities. We organize Christmas parties, theme dinners (i.e., Italian nights, Cook Your Own Steak nights, Karaoke evenings) and many other fun-filled events. The goal is always to provide enjoyment and opportunities for fund raising. We celebrate once a year with a luncheon at a restaurant featuring a quality menu and fine wines. The money we raise for all of our events goes to an annual gift to the club. The gifts have been many and substantial, ranging from dining room chairs and tables, Galley dishwasher, to deck furniture and umbrellas. Recently we purchased heating lamps for our outdoor deck.

    Dues are only $20/year and are payable to SRYCA. Place your application and dues in the office mail slot. We look forward to welcoming new members and will continue to support improvements to the San Rafael Yacht Club.


    Our last meeting with Public Works was on August 3, 2022.

    The City has agreed to pay up front for the dredging required between the USACE area and our front and south-west docks. Our responsibility for repaying the cost is being negotiated with the City.

    The City advised us that we can expect 17 weeks of dredging before the completion including the outer channel and the creek. The US Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) has hired a contractor that will dredge a 60-foot channel in the creek all the way to the turning basin and bridge and will dredge a 100 foot x 200 foot area in the center of the basin.
    In addition, the club is proposing an expansion of the total dock footage that could accommodate additional visiting boats. This will not only benefit the club but will add to the local economy. There is a California grant program that may be available to the City to pay for such an expansion in the future.
    San Rafael Channel Dredging


    Strength & Balance Class

    If you’re ready to get a stronger core, strengthen & tone those arms & legs, not to mention improve your balance … please come try us out. We welcome you to our small group of men & women.

    All is done from a chair or near a wall for SAFETY! Until you’re stronger then YOU CHALLENGE yourself! This happens quicker than you think! Trust the process!
    INTRUCTOR: Jeanine Rossi 415 250-4219
    WHERE: @ SRYC Clubhouse
    WHEN: Fridays 4:00 pm - 5:15 pm*
    *Followed by Happy Hour 🍷🍷

    BRING to CLASS = * = MUST!
    • *Water bottle
    • Weights 2 lbs (optional)
    • $5 Donations only!
    • *CHEERS to US!!! Have FUN!

    24TH Annual PICYA Wheelchair Regatta

    “Day on the Bay” 2 ~ 3 Hour Cruise

    BBQ ~ Picnic Lunch ~ Live Music

    Saturday, October 15, 2022

    ALAMEDA, CA 94501
    The annual PICYA Wheelchair Regatta for the benefit of veterans is rapidly approaching. This will be the 24th annual event for all veterans, many who are confined to wheelchairs. PICYA and yacht clubs from all over California, including the San Rafael Yacht Club loan their power boats and skippers to this effort to get our veterans out into fresh air, sunshine, and a chance to network with their veteran brothers. Each veteran also receives a gift bag of needed or just fun items.

    Everything is free of charge for the veterans and their families/guests. We have veterans from VASF (Ft Miley), Palo Alto, Menlo Park, Yountville, and many other locations bussed or driven into Alameda. Typically, 250 to 325 veterans and an equal number of volunteers to help attend. The Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Richmond Fire Departments, and others loan their firefighters to the cause to assist in getting the wheelchairs from the pier onto the boats and back onto the pier at the end of the cruise.

    If anyone would like to donate to this great event, any amount would be great. Please make out checks to PICYA Wheelchair Regatta and mail to:

    Ernie Bergman
    37 Edward Avenue
    San Rafael CA 94903


    Beat Around the Bush

    Origin: This common phrase is thought to have originated in response to game hunting in Britain. While hunting birds, participants would beat bushes in order to draw out the birds. Therefore, they were beating around the bush before getting to the main point of the hunt: actually, capturing the birds.
    If you have a favorite idiom that you’d like to learn the origin of, let me know and I’ll check it out . . .
    Email: Ernie Bergman
    US Navy Surface Ship Navigator (E-5)
    Dan Parrott fishing out of San Diego in the Gulf of Mexico
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    • 2022 Petaluma YC Pirate Days
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    • 2000-Prior
    Post Giants Game at JAX - Dan, CEO
    Post Giants Game at JAX - Dan, CEO

    Clothing Rack

    Those cozy throw blankets that finally arrived quickly sold out! More blankets are on order for those chilly fall & winter days.

    Requests for special clothing?
    Email: Kathy Collins


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