The Auxiliary is open to all members and their significant others.  Traditionally the Auxiliary leans towards family related activities.  We organize Christmas parties, theme dinners (i.e., Italian nights, Cook Your Own Steak nights, Karaoke evenings) and many other fun-filled events.  The goal is always to provide enjoyment and opportunities for fund raising.  We celebrate once a year with a luncheon at a restaurant featuring a quality menu and fine wines.  The money we raise for all of our events goes to an annual gift to the club.  The gifts have been many and substantial, ranging from dining room chairs and tables, Galley dishwasher, to deck furniture and umbrellas.  Recently we purchased heating lamps for our outdoor deck.

The Auxiliary has a long and important history with the yacht club.  We look forward to welcoming new members and will continue to support improvements to the San Rafael Yacht Club.

Ernie Bergman
President – SRYC Auxiliary
(415) 472-7249
(415) 328-7828 (cell)

Monthly Meetings
Second Fridays
6:00 – 7:30pm

Dues are only $20/year and are payable to SRYCA.
Place your application and dues in the office mail slot.


The San Rafael Yacht Club (SRYC) was formed in 1938 and the Auxiliary was formed a few years after that.  It was originally formed as a women’s group, at the request of the main body, because originally, they were not eligible for membership to the club.

To be eligible for membership to the Auxiliary, it was decided a woman must be the wife of, the daughter of, the sister of, the mother of, or the widow of a member in good standing.  For a minimal fee ($5.00 originally) she could remain a member for as long as she chose.  This was extremely important as there was no other way to have access to the club in the event of the death of a spouse.  The purpose of the Auxiliary, as stated in the bylaws, it to promote and advance the activities and to cooperate with and maintain the general principles fostered by the San Rafael Yacht Club.

Over the years, there have been many changes to the bylaws.  By the late 70s and early 80s, many yacht clubs had opened their memberships to women.  The SRYC followed suit.  This became a difficult time for the Auxiliary as membership, mainly because it was not fashionable to belong to a women’s group, dwindled and the group had decided to disband.  The problem was that by that time, the Auxiliary had become an important part of the yacht club and many of the long-term members would not hear of it.  In that same period a new cultural phenomenon had taken place and the bylaws were amended to include significant others.  (There are also several male yacht club members who have joined the Auxiliary in recent years.)

Because it was originally female oriented, the Auxiliary traditionally leaned towards family related activities.  Christmas parties, potlucks, Opening Day and Lighted Boat Parade dinners originated with the Auxiliary.  Italian Nights, Midsummer Nights, Viking Nights, Oktoberfest, Casino Gambling Nights, White Elephant Auctions, Bingo Parties and A Day at the Races were also added to the activities.  The goal has always been to provide enjoyment and camaraderie through fund raising events.

The money raised went to a gift the Auxiliary traditionally has given to the club.  The gifts have been many and substantial.  When the club underwent major renovation, the Auxiliary provided all the galley steel work, dishwasher, refrigerator, adjoining barbecue pit, microwave oven, club printed dishes, silverware, half the cost of the old stackable chairs, round tables, window coverings (several times), deck furniture and umbrellas, juke box, and repainting of the kitchen (2006).  In recent years the Auxiliary has provided 130 new stackable dining room chairs and a freezer.

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